CHP Sustainability Update for Tenants – Cardboard – June 2023

Why waste matters: Cardboard

The importance of recycling and proper disposal of cardboard correctly is vital for tenants in CHP buildings. By prioritising these practices, CHP tenants can contribute to environmental sustainability, support a Greener NHS (, promote waste management efficiency, reduce landfill waste, set an example for the community, and potentially save money for the facility.  Tenants in our CHP community health facilities play a crucial role in maintaining a clean and healthy environment for patients, their staff, and visitors.  

The Golden rule: Break it down

Breaking your cardboard boxes into flat pieces is vital.

Bulky cardboard that is not broken down properly means  extra space is used within a waste container and the boxes take up more space in the trucks used to pick up the material.

More collections will be require from waste contractors to remove the cardboard.

Cardboard goes in the dry mixed recycling stream in clear bags. 

When you don’t break down your cardboard, space is not being used efficiently or appropriately; contributing to the need for increased collections and can also lead to hidden fees and increasing associated transport emissions.  

When your containers are filled more frequently and space not organised well this leads to additional costs.  The waste vendor will need to pick up your recycling more often and this contributes to a recurring rise in costs on your waste bill.

Cardboard recycling best practise

To optimize the space in your container(s) and reduce the amount of waste company pickups, it is best to break down all cardboard waste.

Follow these easy steps to properly break your cardboard box down:

  1. Take your box and turn it upside down. Run a box cutter along the centre bottom seam, slicing through the packing tape.
  2. Repeat this under the two flaps on each end of the box, freeing the tape at the edges.
  3. Pull all four flaps straight up, so that all edges, on either end, move freely up and down.
  4. Lightly push and twist in until the box collapses on itself—flattened and ready to be stacked in the recycling bin.

Cardboard - Dry Mixed Recycling

Get to know health care waste streams.  Cardboard goes in the dry mixed recycling stream in clear bags. This is alongside food tines and drink cans and mixed plastic.

For more information:  CHP Tenant Handbook 2022 (PDF)   

CHP Tenant Hub

The hub covers information for CHP tenants on health and safety, sustainability, facilities management including HardFM, and SoftFM, leases, charges and billing.

In addition there is information on bookable rooms and filming at our premises.

Contact the Sustainability Team at CHP

If you are a tenant, an ICS or Trust partner, and want to know more about how CHP can support your sustainability plans, please contact your local CHP Property and Operations team or our CHP Sustainability team.

If any tenants have questions about Sustainability at CHP, our Green plan or any other net zero project please contact the Sustainability team via and copy in the ORM for your building.

Sustainability at CHP

As part of the NHS family, CHP supports the NHS ambition to deliver the world’s first net zero health system. Sustainable Facilities are one of our five strategic aims and Sustainability is one of our four corporate social responsibility pillars. Aligning with the NHS target of achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2040, the team at CHP are committed to achieve Net Zero Carbon for the LIFT estate by 2040 and 2030 for our corporate functions.

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