CHP Sustainability Update for Tenants – May 2023


Published in March 2022, CHP’s Green Plan sets out our commitment to reach Net Zero for the LIFT estate and our corporate functions. As part of the NHS family, CHP supports the NHS ambition to deliver the world’s first net zero health system and so, putting sustainable development at the heart of our company; ensuring estate and facilities are as efficient, sustainable, and resilient as they can be. 

Our green vision is to put sustainable development at the heart of our company to ensure our estate and operations are as resilient as the can possibly be. CHP Green Plan

In the year since CHP launched our Green Plan, we have been working hard on establishing strong foundations to deliver our Net Zero journey.   


Our Green Plan is helping drive organisational change, supporting our customers with their sustainability ambitions, and working in partnership with LIFTCos and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) to deliver a greener NHS. 

CHP Green Plan - a greener CHP, a greener NHS (PDF)

In March 2022, CHP published our 'Green Plan: A Greener CHP a Greener NHS'. We are embedding our Green Plan into our business, committing resources, supporting staff taking action to ensure it is a success.

Progress so far:

  • A carbon footprint level has been established for the LIFT estate and CHP corporate functions with regular reporting on progress.
  • Energy benchmark analysis of LIFT portfolio, site investigations and findings issued to CHP Portfolio Managers. Commencing in the next six months, tenants will receive feedback on energy use, supporting best practice behaviours. This will help reduce costs, and emissions and therefore create a better working environment.
  • Building partnerships with LIFTcos to understand the Net Zero requirements of the LIFT portfolio and align our Net Zero objectives.
  • Undertaking decarbonisation audits for sites with lower EPC ratings and energy intensive, high consumption sites.
  • Developing a utilities digital platform to improve the accuracy and timeliness of reporting.
  • Have a Net Zero Delivery Plan defining the key actions for CHP for the next five years to deliver on our Green Plan objectives.
  • Carbon reduction and social value metrics are embedded within the new CHP soft FM contracts tender which is currently taking place.

Sustainability projects for 2023/24

CHP has identified projects for delivery in 2023/24 working with LIFTcos and tenants.

  • CHP is playing its part by supporting the installation of LED lights, photovoltaic projects, and improving recycling facilities at our buildings.
  • We have plans for more electric car charging points (see section below) bike storage and encouraging sustainable transport at our primary care buildings.
  • Projects are underway to increase green space and biodiversity across our estate and within future developments. This includes improving communal planting, gardens and planting trees.  CHP often works with charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups on these projects.
  • CHP is supporting the delivery of national projects through NHS England, Greener NHS and Active Travel England

Sustainability training courses for tenants

CHP is committed to supporting tenants on their sustainability journey.

Tenants can access Sustainability resources via e-learning for healthcare (, formally part of Health Education England.  Course information and sign-up details are available below:

Training for CHP Staff

  • Sustainability e-learning is launching in 2023/24 with learning for all staff available on via the ‘Building a Net Zero NHS’ module. Bespoke ‘Healthcare waste management and disposal’ and ‘Energy Aware’ courses for front line, operational colleagues will be available
  • Energy and waste education programmes for tenants will be supported by ORMs and via BUG meetings.

Electric vehicle charging points

CHP is investigating options for electric vehicle charging points at our sites across England, working with local LIFTCo teams, tenants and ICSs. We are investigating market options and funding streams, to develop our EV infrastructure. This will enable us to support the installation of the appropriate chargers to meet local needs. 
We are also investigating the impact of Clean Air Zones (CAZs) across England and the ULEZ extension across all London Boroughs from August 2023. Check your vehicle on Transport for London:
Current CAZ zones are in Bath, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Portsmouth, Sheffield and Tyneside – Newcastle and Gateshead. Find out
Contact the Sustainability Team at CHP

If you are a tenant, an ICS or Trust partner, and want to know more about how CHP can support your sustainability plans, please contact your local CHP Property and Operations team or our CHP Sustainability team.

If any tenants have questions about Sustainability at CHP, our Green plan or any other net zero project please contact the Sustainability team via and copy in the ORM for your building.

Sustainability at CHP

As part of the NHS family, CHP supports the NHS ambition to deliver the world’s first net zero health system. Sustainable Facilities are one of our five strategic aims and Sustainability is one of our four corporate social responsibility pillars. Aligning with the NHS target of achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2040, the team at CHP are committed to achieve Net Zero Carbon for the LIFT estate by 2040 and 2030 for our corporate functions.

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