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Green update Q1 22/23 CHP corporate tenant newsletter

The sustainability team at CHP published regular updates to tenants within our tenant newsletters.  The following text was published in June 2022.

Energy usage measurements

There is ongoing measurement of each site’s energy usage for comparison against an industry-standard benchmark. Further analysis will be undertaken of any high-level users and discussed with affected tenants and the local ORM/Property team.

Renewable energy

The sustainability team at CHP are undertaking a wider utilities review during 2022, investigating different issues across our buildings, opportunities for efficiencies and the implementation of a 100% Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin (REGO) electricity supply.

Carbon Calculator for General Practice – SEE Sustainability

There is a free online non-clinical carbon footprint calculator for General Practices in the UK developed with NHSE/I. The calculator measures and identifies the non-clinical greenhouse gas emission hotspots from running practices and produces a carbon equivalent footprint. Non-clinical greenhouse gas emissions account for about 40% of emissions from primary care. There are 4 sections – energy, travel, services used and goods/equipment bought.


CHP is investigating how to measure the carbon footprint of its 310 sites which will include the footprint of our tenants and on-site services.

Electric vehicle charging points

CHP is gathering data and reviewing the current electric vehicle charging points at our 310 sites across England, working with local LIFTCo teams. We are investigating market options and possible funding streams, to develop an EV charging strategy. This will enable us to support the installation of the appropriate chargers to meet local needs.

There is ongoing dialogue with various trusts, tenants and ICSs on this high-profile project. If tenants would like to discuss EV charging points at their building, please ask them to contact the Sustainability team via and copy in their ORM.

NHSE Primary Care Estates training event

The sustainability team are working with NHSE/I on this year’s Primary Care Estates Training event. CHP will be contributing to the slide deck and presentations that will be distributed from September onwards. More information about the event will be shared widely by the NHSE/I team.​​​​​​​

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