Tenant Update: Offensive waste (Tiger Bag) update – January 2024

As part of CHP’s commitment to provide sustainable, fit for purpose estate and facilities we commenced the implementation of the offensive ‘tiger’ waste stream in 2022.  More than 66% of buildings where CHP is responsible for cleaning and waste services have instigated an offensive waste stream since 2022, with the remainder due to complete this process by the end of the year.

Clinical waste is different to offensive waste.

Offensive waste (OW) has no hazardous properties and can be treated or disposed of in a similar way to domestic waste, and with a far less energy-intensive process compared to clinical (orange/yellow bag) waste. This results in lower carbon emissions and reduces the environmental impact. Correctly classifying and segregating offensive waste is vital to achieving targets as set out in the NHS clinical waste strategy.

Implementing Offensive Waste segregation

  • Follow the instructions for waste disposal outlined on posters and bin labels.
  • Correct segregation is crucial.
  • Use the yellow and black striped bags for non-infectious bandages, masks, and dressings.
  • The tiger waste stream is financially beneficial too… it is 30p per bag cheaper than clinical waste
  • Ensuring waste is segregated and disposed of into the correct waste stream is key to realising these environmental and financial savings.
  • Waste stream contamination can lead to Health and Safety risks and costly non-compliance penalties.

NHS Clinical waste targets 2023-2030

NHS Clinical Waste Targets 2023 - 2030
More information on NHS Waste

‘At CHP 66% of our buildings have already implemented these changes, with more implementing them in the coming weeks. We have set a target of 80% to be complete by the end of March 2024 and the remaining buildings by the end of the year. Our Operations Teams are working hard to implement this project and you may see some changes across waste management in your buildings in the coming weeks as we try to push this new guidance forward.

Need more help or advice on waste services

As part of CHP’s Green Plan and our commitment to a  #GreenerNHS, we have detailed waste control and recycling initiatives at our corporate headquarters and the 308 buildings we manage.

CHP has an expert Soft Services Auditor who focuses on waste issues and can attend Building User Group (BUG) meetings. Tenants should contact the Operations and Relationship Manager (ORM) to arrange this.

The team at CHP working on waste issues includes our expert Soft Services Auditor, CHP ORMs, the Contracts team, and the Sustainability team.

If you have any queries about waste provision, please contact the Waste CHP team at and your building Operations and Relationship Manager.

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CHP Green Plan

In 2022, CHP published our ‘Green Plan: A Greener CHP a Greener NHS’. We are embedding our Green Plan into our business, committing resources, supporting staff taking action to ensure it is a success. In 2023/24 we continue to work on our Net Zero Delivery Plan. 

Download: CHP Green Plan, a greener CHP, a greener NHS  (PDF)
Our green vision is to put sustainable development at the heart of our company to ensure our estate and operations are as resilient as the can possibly be. CHP Green Plan

Sustainability at CHP

As part of the NHS family, CHP supports the NHS ambition to deliver the world’s first net zero health system. Sustainable Facilities are one of our five strategic aims and Sustainability is one of our four corporate social responsibility pillars. Aligning with the NHS target of achieving Net Zero Carbon by 2040, the team at CHP are committed to achieve Net Zero Carbon for the LIFT estate by 2040 and 2030 for our corporate functions.

CHP Tenant Hub

The hub covers information for CHP tenants on health and safety, sustainability, facilities management including HardFM, and SoftFM, leases, charges and billing.

In addition there is information on bookable rooms and filming at our premises.

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