Frontage of Finchley Memorial Hospital

Investment Portfolio Management

We have generated significant investments in the primary and community estate through our 49 joint venture companies as part of the NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) Programme.

Since 2001 through public private partnerships, we have invested £100 million in public capital, and working in partnership with our private sector partners to developed a portfolio of 350 high quality multi-use buildings based in communities of high health need.  The LIFT estate is worth £2.5 billion.

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) is head tenant in 308 of these buildings and manage these properties for the NHS. We house over 1300 tenants who provide a range of primary care, community and mental health, outpatients and diagnostic services serving millions of patients.

It is important that these investments continue to deliver value for the NHS. It is crucial that these buildings are regarded as core assets and considered at the heart of long-term estates planning for primary and community care.

CHP holds a 40% shareholding in the 49 LIFT Companies on behalf of the Public Sector. We have directors who sit on the LIFT Companies’ Boards, and in many instances, we also have Local Public Sector Directors, who actively manage the public sector interest.

The remaining 60% shareholding is held by private sector shareholders.

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