Property Management

CHP acts as Head Tenant for the majority of our 310 buildings (CHP Property Database) and there are a number where we hold joint head tenancies with other public sector organisations, such as local authorities.

As experts in managing health buildings, CHP will focus on:

  • Improving customer satisfaction by being transparent, responsive and effective.
  • Ensuring that our properties are safe and compliant to all relevant regulations.
  • Putting our buildings at the heart of the community.
  • Innovative management of spaces and contracts.
  • Ensuring our properties have the capability to embrace digital innovation.
  • Further developing environmentally sustainable practices and procurement.

CHP is working to achieve the highest possible levels of occupancy of its assets across England, achieve 90% customer/tenant satisfaction and reduce the environmental impact of its buildings.

CHP’s team has wide-ranging expertise in property functions, including management, surveying, law, finance, health and safety and engagement.

CHP is expert in health and wellbeing estate, with a successful track record in providing well managed solutions to meet the needs of patients, clinicians and the health system.

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