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Community Health Partnerships’ LIFT estate has been designed to support better patient outcomes, make services more accessible for those in greatest need and provide modern, purpose-built environments. 

Roughly 90% of LIFT buildings are in areas with above average health need, where diagnostics are crucial to public health among the most disadvantaged communities. 

Our 308 LIFT buildings are considered NHS core assets and we are part of the NHS family. We have flexible, top-quality buildings with no backlog maintenance issues, which can be effectively repurposed and flexed to create additional diagnostic capability, enabling CDCs and other diagnostics to be delivered at speed to meet local health needs.

In addition to this, there are over 300 clinical rooms across the CHP estate that already have the capability to accommodate specialist diagnostic services, with a small number of vacant rooms which can be quickly converted to deliver such specialist services. Utilising existing community-based NHS LIFT estate is therefore a great option for delivering CDCs and other diagnostic tests at pace. 

CHP already has eight operational CDCs, across all models – standard, hubs and spokes, with others in delivery.


Fareham Community Hospital CDC, Hampshire
Washwood Heath Health Centre CDC, Birmingham

These range from huge projects involving multiple types of diagnostics, such as at Finchley Memorial Hospital and Eltham Community Hospital, to local spokes increasing diagnostic facilities and operating hours such as those in Lancashire and Hampshire. All are a testament to the flexibility of the LIFT Estate allowing us to move rapidly to meet local health needs.

The CDC at Finchley Memorial Hospital was an early adopter which opened in July 2021 with ICS and Trust partners working together effectively and quickly. 

Using a blend of in house NHS delivery capability and access to a pre-procured supply chain via our LIFTCo partners, the necessary adaptations were delivered at pace. 

 As of January 2023, the CDC had delivered more than 108,000 additional tests to patients referred from partner Trusts, helping to enable those partners to address their backlogs, while increasing access to local appointments and reducing waiting times for patients.

Our people are experts in estates strategy and optimisation, data analysis and use, space utilisation, property management, property development, construction project management, the management of partnering services, investment portfolio management and inclusive design.

We would be delighted to help you realise your diagnostics and CDC ambitions. Please contact us for more information

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